Sun Lakes Chapel
9240 E. Sun Lakes Boulevard N.
Sun Lakes, Arizona 85248
(480) 895-6317

Worship Services: Weekly at 11:15 AM
Communion 2nd Sunday

The building is shared among four congregations: Jewish (Friday evening), Lutheran (8:00AM), Community (9:15AM), and UCC (11:15AM)

The Chapel Board, made up of two people from each group, coordinates, manages, and maintains the facility.

The UCC's Diaconate prepares for worship service.

Safe And Respectful Environment Policy

At the Council meeting on June 14, 2016, we, the members of the Church Council unanimously approved a “Safe And Respectful Environment Policy”. This policy is meant to ensure that all people attending Church functions will feel safe and comfortable, protected from any form of abusive behavior or speech.
It has become more necessary in our world today to put such a policy statement along with procedures for responding to complaints into writing. It is the Council’s hope that the Chapel Board will agree to support this policy.
Please click here to read the full policy, and feel free to call Maggie for a print copy. One will be included in our Annual Report in December.

Church Committees

Committee Meeting Day Meeting Time
Board of Trustees: Thursday after the first Sunday. 10:00AM
Council: Tuesday after the Trustees Meeting. 1:00PM
Diaconate: First Monday 1:00PM
Church Growth: Second Tuesday 10:00AM
Social: First Tuesday 1:00PM
Music: First Wednesday 12:00PM
Mission and Service: First Tuesday 10:00AM
Christian Education: First Thursday 8:45AM
Chapel Board: TBD TBD
Long Range Planning: TBD TBD