I'm Glad You Asked That!


A lot of work is going on in the Chapel, new carpet, the ramp, and I heard the Chapel just got "Looped"! So what does THAT mean?


If you have wonderful hearing, skip to the next article. However, at least 66% of folks in Sun Lakes have some type of hearing loss. Many in our church community miss so much of what is being said - whether it's sermons or social communications.

Now those with hearing aids read on . . .


Have you heard of a T-Coil? Probably not. It's a device in newer hearing aids (or can be obtained at a reasonable cost to have one installed in your older model). All you have to do is push a button that will transform your hearing aid or Cochlear Implant into a wireless in-the-ear loud speaker that broadcasts sounds customized to you own hearing loss. Miracle!  T-Coils can be installed in older hearing aids for around $50.

For those of you without the T-Coil will be glad to hear that headsets will be available for you once they arrive.

This technology has been used in Europe for years and is being adopted in many states. New York City Transit is installing hearing loops at 488 subway information booths. When one worships at Westminster Abbey in London, in many churches in Holland, the Nordic countries, or even Grand Rapids, MI, all you need to do is activate your T-Coil. A sign with this image will be placed on our Sanctuary door to let everyone know that this technology is available in our space.


SLUCC - Loop 1.png

The system is working!  A half dozen members have tried it out and are extremely happy with the results. A couple of notes: The Loop (sound system) will only work within the perimeter of the pews. If you sit at the back wall you’re out of range. I have tried the back wall and they were right, it doesn’t work well. Again, if you’re sitting in any pew the system works.

Next: I have tried with hearing aids and without, and it works! So if you’re marginal and can’t quite hear everything these head phones do the trick.  Of course if you have a “T-Coil” installed in your hearing aid you don’t need to wear the head phones. Ah, modern technology again. So today's lesson is with or without hearing aids YOU will HEAR clearly, every word. If you have a T-Coil push a button on your hearing aid and you’re there. More lessons coming as we gain more experience with this technology. Happy Hearing!


SLUCC - Loop 2.png