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What does Science and Religion have to say to each other?
Can a biblically informed faith be compatible with the Theory of Evolution

ev. Vernon Meyer, PhD Pastor, Sun Lakes United Church of Christ
March 14, Tuesday, 7:00-8:30pm
Robson Library - Lecky Room 9330 East Riggs Road Sun Lakes, AZ, 85248

Is it possible to have a conversation between science and the theory of evolution and the Christian religion? About half of the Christians in the United States would consider such an encounter inconceivable, but Dr. Elizabeth Johnson shows how a biblically informed faith can come alive, and hope can be renewed, when we look at the life-world through the lens of Darwin’s Origin. What would happen to our theologies, then, if we looked at life as closely and compassionately as Darwin does in the Origin, while keeping in mind simultaneously the genetically informed developments that have taken place in evolutionary biology since Darwin’s day? The most vocal evolutionists think that biology has made theology superfluous. Natural selection, not God, they insist, is the author of life. But Johnson’s theologically sophisticated view of divine action allows for no real competition between natural causation and divine creativity.
There will be time for questions and refreshments following the presentation. For more information contact Pastor Vernon at Sun Lakes United Church of Christ, 480-895-6317 or Fred Cerutti at 480-415-8589

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