Sun Lakes UCC is proud to announce that on January 25th, we voted by majority vote to become officially an Open And Affirming church, welcoming all people no matter who they are or where they are on Life’s journey. This vote was specifically to affirm our intent to be accepting and welcoming to the LGBT community, understanding the issues those members have faced in many sectors of society. This vote will not change who we are or how we interact with each other because it reflects how we have felt for a long time. It is hoped, however, that it will let others know who we are.

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Moderator's Message

After moving many times over the past several years, my husband and I ended up in a lot of different churches. Some pretty nice and some leaving things to be desired as some churches go. A number of years ago we found our way to Sun Lakes UCC.

We found this church to be more than just warming, but such a wonderful place for worship. After visiting a few times, we decided to join. It was easy to become involved in the many activities and also taking part in the running of this church. We felt so welcome and soon realized this is where we belonged.

It is my pleasure to be Moderator for the years 2014 and 2015. There are many changes being made to adjust to more modern times. Of course like many other places of worship, we have challenges, but with the help of the Lord and these wonderful people, we always seem to handle them.

When you enter the doors of Sun Lakes United Church, you will feel the presence of God, and know that wherever you are on life’s journey you are most welcomed here. We are now very proud to be able to say we have just passed to become and Open and Affirming Church.  

Pat Henson

11:15 AM


Coffee Time Fellowship

Fellowship is held each Sunday immediately following worship in the Navajo Room at the Sun Lakes Club House, across from the Chapel. This gives the congregation an opportunity to visit and socialize with other church family members.

Coffee, lemonade, water, and finger foods are available for enjoyment of those attending. Any birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions are recognized during Fellowship time.

This is a function of the Social Committee. They also provide fellowship for memorial services and have church dinners twice a year and assist with other church functions.

Join your friends and make new ones.


Beautiful bouquets of flowers accentuate our church service each Sunday. Members of the congregation pick the date they would like to honor or commemorate someone. They purchase the bouquet and it is delivered to the church on Sunday morning.

If interested in ordering flowers, please contact Rosann Hiles at (480) 895-2116.

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Give the Stillspeaking God a day of elbow grease and advocacy. Throw yourself into a project you are already passionate about and involved in on March 4th. Commit to buying fair trade products for your home or congregation, keep track and cut back on your electrical use, write letters to your representatives calling for immigration reform. Our faith challenges us to understand our lives are interconnected. Commit to prayer and study on justice issues in your community. Share your efforts on social media, and spread the idea. Get the picture? This is a one-day effort where, across the UCC, we can make a difference in the world around us.

Our Mission


Sun Lakes United Church of Christ is a Christ centered congregation, welcoming all, wherever you are on life’s journey; for the purpose of growing in faith through worship, music, study, service, and fellowship.

Tell me your story, show me your wound,
And I’ll show you what Love sees when Love looks at you.
Hand me the pieces, broken and bruised,
And I’ll show you what Love sees when Love sees you.